Creative Treats for the Holiday Feast

Oh, what fun it is to have a well-designed table set-up this Holiday Season! It would be really amazing to have a festive table set-up this holiday, don’t you think? And it would be so much better if you can receive tableware that are stylish and would fit your desired look for the holidays.

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Holiday Meals are one of the events that everyone has been looking forward every year, from Christmas Parties, to Family Reunions, to Noche Buena, Christmas Day lunch and dinner, Media Noche and New Year Feasts. Eating together is a tradition for every family.


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Despite not being able to have a large number of people or have parties and reunions during the pandemic, you can still have your stylish holiday table set-up. If you’re planning of creating one for your family and friends, your table should be as memorable as the menu. Start from choosing what you want your table set-up or a theme to look like.


Setting an elegant table can be a daunting task during the holiday season. You have to choose which type of material to use, what centerpiece you should put, flatware, linens and tableware to match. But you don’t have to worry, check out our Table Set-up ideas especially made for you!


Opt for Something Merry

Spruce up your table with some colors, patterns, and cool textures. Make your lunch dates at home more inviting for your family. A casual and beautiful dinner set-up that even your kids would love.

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Mix and Match it Up

Don’t be afraid to try patterned tablecloths, placemats or layers of texture and color. Choose a classic pattern like stripes in different colors and textures, then mix and match. You’ll be surprised; it may look better than expected!

In this photo: Ubud | Woven Coaster


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Play with Patterns

There is something about patterns that never gets old. It is fun, creative and stylish, you won’t be bored by looking at it. You should try it too.


In this photo: Magna | Tablecloth (140cm x 200cm)


In this photo: Frikka 2 | Tablecloth (140cm x 200cm)


Love the Formal Set-up

A fancy dress-up deserves a fancy looking table too. Pull out your classy dinnerware, elegant glassware, and matching utensils for a fine and formal dining experience. This is the perfect set-up for an intimate dinner with your loved ones.


In this photo: Caspian | Glass with Detailed Gold Rim Dinnerware


In this photo: Nina | Fluted Pattern Dinnerware


Table Full of Colors

Add a visual effect to your plain table by having a splash of color with your plates. This is one way of making your children enjoy their meal. Put colored plates, spoon and fork on the table to enhance your dining experience.

In this photo: Carra Pink | Marbled Print Ceramic with Gold Rim Dinnerware


In this photo: Nysse | Fluted Detail Painted Dinnerware


Keep it Nice and Clean

Less is more. A minimalist style and set-up never goes out of style. Having a nice and clean dinnerware at the table gives you more options.

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Home22 offers you plenty of options that would fit any style. With these items, dining will definitely be more fun for you and your family! Check out our Gift Ideas too! These are the perfect presents for your loved ones, for your friends, to your home even to your self this Holiday Season. As it is the season of giving and sharing. Don’t forget to share these amazing gift ideas and let your family and friends remember your thoughtfulness as they dine with Home22’s items.


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Some of us may be spending the Holidays far from home, or have less than our usual Holiday Feast. But remember, what matters is how we spend it. May we keep in mind that the Holiday Season is not about parties or what you put on the table but rather it is a celebration of life! May we always have reason to smile, hope and be thankful. May you have a happy and meaningful holiday season!

Happy Holidays!