Make Your Kitchen Your Own Sanctuary

This Year, it is never a bad idea to prioritize yourself and take baby steps to heal. Self-care should be done in order for you to have good mental well-being. It means doing things that bring peace and happiness to you such as doing your hobbies every once in a while.

Does your hobby include staying in the kitchen for a long time, crafting good food that you can share with everybody, or inventing your new specialty? If yes, having an organized and clean kitchen can also help to boost your mood while cooking or baking. 

Here are some tips you can use to revamp your kitchen! 

  • Begin with purging

Start off by rethinking each kitchen item’s purpose: Is it still useful? Do I need this? Empty your cabinets and make two sections: one for keeping and the other for donating or throwing away. 

The goal is to make your kitchen a blank canvas so it is easy for you to figure where everything should go. 

  • Clean all counters

Wipe off specks of dust, leaked oils, or any other condiment stains and polish every counter. Wash all utensils that feel dirty and sticky to make sure everything is fresh and clean.


  • Sort out papers

Use magnetic clips and assign designated clips for each different purpose or agenda. You can also use cork boards or magnetic blackboards to pin your important family announcements, menu, and your favorite recipe.
  • Assess your space

Grab your pen and paper and list each item to its respective zone. Group each item to its corresponding purpose, from your everyday cookware to your serve wares. Try to keep everything grouped properly.

  • Be creative in space-saving

Install hanging racks for aprons, hand towels, pots, and other utensils. Maximize the use of drawer organizers and utilize your wall space. It is also better to install kitchen cabinet rollouts, as it can maximize the use of space in your tall cabinets.


  • Stack everything together

To add more aesthetic to your kitchen space, stack your matching plates and saucers together. There are also stackable pans available in the market. This is a useful hack to have more space in your kitchen cabinets or cupboards.


Toben | Serveware


Royd | Serveware


  • Use clear containers

Group all your sauce packets from take outs, coffee packets, creamer, and sugar packets in different clear containers.

You can also use clear containers to organize your dry ingredients, cereals, and snacks as well as organizing your fridge.


The Basic | Food Containers


The Basic | Refrigerator Food Storage with Clear Lid


  • Use your oven drawer

This is a storage that is often overlooked. Yes, it exists and you can store your oven-grade baking supplies and pans here in your oven.

Baking Pan | Donut & Muffin 

  • Make your cooking tools accessible

Have an easy grab-and-go type of kitchen for your everyday needs. Allow yourself to have a conveniently organized space.

Keep all your cooking utensils in one place near your stove. This can save you time from going around your kitchen looking for your spatula or tongs. You can have a holder organizer pinned to a wall within your cooking area.

You can also have a cooking caddy for your cooking oils, spices, and condiments.

Space Saving Kitchen Storage Rack


Arild A | Basic Utility Cabinet 60cm


I hope these tips can be useful for you to have a pleasingly organized kitchen. Having an organized space can save you from unnecessary stress and help you simplify your life with less effort.

This can be a great weekend or holiday activity to keep yourself physically active. It is also better to have this as a monthly agenda for yourself to keep everything in order, most especially during the pandemic. 

You can now be more productive and continue to craft your delicious food. I am sure everyone at your table is waiting for your mouth-watering specialties.

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