Rugs: Essential Pieces for your Space

Rugs are a typical addition to your hard surface floor. It is also capable of boosting style and concealing flaws in a single elegant swipe.

The advantages of area rugs go far beyond aesthetics. From protecting us from unexpected slips to transforming a boring and simple room to a fun and vibrant one!

Here are some other reasons why rugs should also be part of your home essentials:

1. Thinking of modifying your living room floors but you’re on a tight budget? Adding rugs might be the solution you’re looking for! You can also consider buying two distinct types of rugs for your living room: a light-colored one for the summer and a darker one for the rainy season. Changing the tone of your space is as simple as switching out the two rugs.

Zenja | Turkish Runner Mat

Layla Area Rug | 200 x 300cm (6’6″ x 9′ 8″)

2. Rugs can also anchor your furniture. Your room’s furniture arrangement might look like floating. By adding a rug, you may visually anchor the furniture and change the overall aesthetic of the space.

Naima Area Rug

3. Hardwood floors or ceramic tiles can give off a cold feeling to your feet, especially during rainy days. But adding rugs can give comfort and add warmth to your space. These rugs make you and your families’ feet relaxed when walking around your space.

Farah Area Rug

4. Fighting allergies in a chic way! These rugs can also trap harmful allergens and keep them in one place. So if you or someone in your household have allergies, rugs may come out handy. But you have to maintain it by vacuuming once or twice a week.

Adelaide 100cm | Turkish Round Area Rug

5. Rugs can also protect your floors from permanent stains, spills and scuffs. This is very advisable especially to those who are renting. You can place this to your most-used area in your house. 

Amina Area Rug | 160 x 230cm (5'3″ x 7′ 7″)

6. Want to get rid of the slight echo that you can hear in your space? Having an area rug can be the answer to your problem. Surprisingly, area rugs may do wonders for sound absorption, especially when combined with a thick rug pad. Whether it is your children running their play area or just you walking quieter than ever.

Chione Area Rug | 160 x 230cm (5'3″ x 7′ 7″)

7. Rugs can also be an artwork or statement piece on your floor. It can elevate your space and give it a more stylish vibe. You can also layer an oddly shaped rug over a conventional rug to create visual flair.

Callen Round Rug 140cm (4’ 6”)

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