Rugs to Riches: Reasons Why You Should Have A Rug

People often disregard the idea of having rugs inside a room. For some, rugs are just a piece of cloth used to wipe spilled liquids on the floor, or something where they can stomp their feet to remove the dirt from their shoes. Little did anyone know rugs can effortlessly transform any room. Rugs can change the look and mood of a space. Plus, rugs have range of practical benefits- it warms your home and reduces noise.

Area Rugs have a unique way of pulling all the elements of the room together. But the benefits of area rugs extend far beyond style.


Still not convinced as to why you should have a rug in your space? We took the liberty of listing some of the reasons why rugs are a must-have. Here are some reasons why rugs can transform your space to riches.

Reason 1: Enhances the Room Aesthetics

It is true that rugs enhance home décor, as it comes in every color, design, material and shape. Each style makes a statement. A bright colored rug can make a bold statement, a neutral or traditional rug can be a perfect complement to a room, while a dark colored rug can provide contrast.

In this photo: Hilda 160cm x 230cm | Turkish Area Rug 

In this photo: Gertrud 160cm x 230cm | Turkish Area Rug

Reason 2: Increase Safety

Floor can be slippery especially for your little ones. A rug could offer you a safe landing cushion, especially when they start to practice their walking skills. It reduces slips and falls as it can be a cushion to our footsteps.

Rugs are also ideal in the bathroom as it absorbs water and prevent slip after showering.


In this photo: Chiara | Area Rug


In this photo: Abel 90cm | Crochet Round Rug

Reason 3: Hides Floor Imperfections

Having some cracked floor problems? A quick fix is to hide it using a rug. An unsightly stain or imperfection on your wood floor? Cover it with a rug.

Using rugs is a great way to hide your floor imperfections especially when you are renting.

In this photo: Adelaide 100cm | Turkish Round Area Rug

In this photo: Daisy 100cm | Turkish Round Area Rug

Reason 4: Pull Everything Together

Rugs are great way to start base your room decoration since it gives you a good color palette. It can also serve as a separation if your space doesn’t have a defining wall. Rugs add a visual layer and can transform your cold dreary to warm and colorful.

It may come in different size, color, pattern, shape, and material that you could imagine. This makes it easy for you to find a rug that will suit your preference.

In this photo: Gili | Turkish Round Rug

In this photo: Elthine | Runner Rug

Reason 5: It Adds Comfort and Warmth

Rugs can instantly increase the warmth and comfort of a room. Just by adding a rug next to your bed can give you an extra cushion and softness once you step on it first thing in the morning. Some floor materials can be chilly especially during rainy season, but placing a rug helps warm up your home.

In this photo: Dasha 100cm | Round Rug

In this photo: Odile 1 | Turkish Rug Mat

Reason 6: It Adds Style

Your personality and personal style can also be shown through your rugs. Your choice of color, texture and pattern tells something about yourself. Some like it bright and quirky, some prefer it dark and patterned. Nevertheless, as long as it serves its purpose, everything is good. 

A decorative rug can tie a space together. And if your room is missing a little bit of something, try adding a rug, it fills the gap nicely.


There are more reasons why you should put a rug in your home. It is Practical, Versatile and Aesthetically pleasing. Check out rug collection at We offer variety of rugs that are perfect for you.

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Happy Shopping!