Small Things Make a Great Impact

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.”

Matt Bevin 

Often times it is the small things that we tend to forget. But in the long run, these small things actually make a huge impact in our lives. Just like making a good cup of coffee for your loved ones, it may seem like a small act but it can make another person happy and inspired. Just see how the effect ripples throughout!

It’s just like inside our homes where we try to look and see the bigger picture. Sometime we may tend to lose attention on the small things like Home Essentials. Who knew that a simple coat hanger could be a lifesaver? Or a ceramic pot can be a toothbrush holder. Rugs can and do improve our floor and the overall look of our home. You see, these small things when put together have a large impact to our homes and lives.

And now that a new year has come, it’s time to brush up your home essentials and purchase new items that will make your home the best that it could be!

Here’s a list of Home Essentials you must have this 2021!

  • Bedroom Accessories

    • Lay down on your nice and clean bed with warm and fresh sheets. Complete the look with a blanket to ensure a cozy bed experience.

Organic Bamboo Sheet | White (4 Piece Set) 

Carlie | Knitted Blanket 

  • Rugs

    • It might not seem like something that your home needs, but a rug is a must-have. It has its multiple functions from acting as a safety net for your kids, to providing an aesthetic appeal to a plain looking room, to covering an old looking floor.

Hilda 160cm x 230cm | Turkish Area Rug 

Adelaide 160cm x 230cm | Turkish Area Rug 

  • Wall Organizers

    • Enough with your old organizers that can’t keep up with your stuff. Purchase an organizer that will not just serve its purpose but would also add style to your space.

Bo 96cm | Scandinavian Folded Metal Shelf

Bathroom Organizer and Hanger 

  • Ceramic Pots

    • To all those plantitos and plantitas, this is what you’ve been looking for! Place your succulents in these ceramic pots that give so much style and flair!

Vania Light Weight Ceramic Pots | 7"

Hygge Mini Porcelain Pots (12cm)

  • A Set of Dishes

    • Isn’t it satisfying to look at a set of dishes that compliment each other? Get yourself a nice set of dishes that will make you excited to eat and prepare meals at home. Whether it is ceramic or glass or china, Home22 has them in store for you!

Cambridge | Glass Serveware with Gold Rim (set of 2)

Tijuana | Plates Collection

  • Complete Kitchen Set

    • A complete set of kitchen utensils can make you feel more excited about cooking. Matching serveware, aesthetic kitchen towels, baking pans and many more can boost your excitement to try cooking.


High-Grade Silicone with Wooden Handle Cooking Set (of 6) 

Nora | Serveware

  • Cabinet

    • Admit it or not, we all need a cabinet in our lives. A place to put all of our stuff to avoid cluttering our space.

Hugo | Book Shelf with Drawers and Cabinets

Bendik | Shoe Foyer Cabinet with Drawers 120cm 

This 2021, don’t forget to give yourself and your home amazing Home Essentials. Experience the satisfaction brought by these small things such as an organized wall décor, kitchen tools and a nice bedroom! Shop for fine Home Essentials at

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