Summer Lovin’ at Home22
Time flies so fast! It seems only yesterday when we celebrated the holidays and now, summer is fast approaching. For most of us, summer is one of the seasons we most look forward to. Summer just has these free and fresh vibes that make us feel happy and warm.

The pandemic may hinder us from going to the beach, hanging out with friends in a resort, or traveling out of town, but you shouldn’t let the pandemic hinder you from enjoying the warmest and brightest season in the Philippines.

Some ways to enjoy summer at home is by reinventing ourselves and reinventing our homes! Oops, don’t forget online shopping! The availability of different platforms that allow us to purchase without leaving our homes saves our lives more than only one can imagine! Speaking of online shopping, we listed 10 Summer Home Essentials that can make your Summer Home Staycation a lot of fun! Just be cautious with your online purchase, and remember to sanitize every parcel you receive.

1. Linen Beddings. Linen Sheets have become more popular today due to their comfort and unique appearance. Linen beddings and sheets have become a must-have in every home. Linen sheets are breathable which makes them perfect for the summer. Experience less sweaty summer nights when you have cool linen sheets.
2. Pillows and Pillowcases. Who doesn’t love pillows? Make your home more comfortable by adding pillows in different hues and pillowcases made of lightweight fabrics. Even your kids would love it too.

3 Chic Storage. Aim for an organized home this summer. When your stuff is organized it makes your space seem wider and cleaner. Store and organize your home in the most stylish way possible.

4. Serving Trays. Do you fancy breakfast in bed? If yes, you must have the appropriate trays to go along with your utensils. It makes all the difference when having breakfast in bed.

5. New Set of Tableware. Everyday meals can turn into a fine-dining experience when you have beautiful serve ware.

6. New Tables. Have a more conducive working area inside your home this summer. Have a desk table that can accommodate all of your devices and things necessary for your work or studies.

7. Rugs. Floor rugs, aside from being a focal point in your interior can also add an extra layer of insulation in your home. It can work to keep the hot air out while helping retain the cool air inside.

8. Ice Molds. Cooldown your summer refreshments with ice, shaped in a sphere. The sphere of ice will melt slower compared to ice cubes. You can also create flavored ice spheres using this ice mold.

9. Hand Towels. Keep your hands clean and dry always when handling food. One way of avoiding spoilage during summer is by keeping your hands clean and dry every time you hold your food.

10. Door Dividers. Separate wide rooms and give it some privacy without taking too much space. 
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