Washing Dinnerware by Hand

  • Prior to washing by hand, rinse off any excess food.

  • Soak food baked onto ware in detergent and hot water (not boiling water), and remove the spot with a plastic scouring pad.

  • Cushion dinnerware in a towel-lined sink, or use a plastic basin. Do this particularly with dinnerware that is decorated with gold, silver, or platinum, soft metals that scratch easily.

  • A reaction can occur between a rubber mat and precious metals that leaves a brown mark on metal-ornamented dinnerware. Use a rubber mat only to cushion dinnerware not decorated with gold, silver, or platinum.

  • Be careful of faucet guards.

  • To avoid scratches from abrasive compounds, such as powdered cleanser, use a gentle soap or a mild detergent, one with a low-chlorine content that will not fade or react with the ornamentation.

  • To remove stains, such as those made by coffee or tea, or brown spots caused by contact with rusty machine parts or metal pans, choose a non­abrasive cleaner with a creamy consistency, and apply it with a soft sponge.

  • When a buildup of film occurs, buff delicate dinnerware with a soft lint-free cloth.

  • To hide unsightly scratches, use toothpaste as a filler and gently rub the marks. The paste hardens in approximately 1 hour.